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ADHD Stimulant Medications and Sudden Death in Children


A recent study* found an association between stimulant use (prescribed to ADHD children) and sudden unexplained cardiac death. An association does not equal "causality," but concerned parents are encouraged to talk to their doctors.

*Gould MS, Walsh BT, Munfakh JL, et all. Sudden death and use of stimulant medications in youth. Am J Psychiatry. 2009 June 15.

Cold Packs Used in Making Meth

Criminal Intelligence Service advised that Texas retailers have noticed individual customers purchasing large amounts of instant cold packs such as 3M Instant Cold Packs or Ace Instant Cold Packs. The DPS Lab in Houston affirmed that there is a method for making meth that is known as the "one pot method" that uses the ammonium nitrate found in the cold packs to manufacture meth for mostly personal use. Internet sources explain that using the "one pot method" the cook can make enought meth for personal use in 30 minutes.

Drug Alert! From the Plano Police Department


Be aware of the latest Heroin Concealments -- Liquid Heroin: "Monkey Water"
Recently, drug users have been concealing Heroin in the pictured type of containers. After liquefying it with water or the original solution, then they spray it into their nose to get a high. NO needles and NO obvious drug paraphernalia. The liquid substance, if it contains Heroin will be a light brown to black in color.

Video Games


Do you know what your children are playing? Check out -- a guide to video games, providing insight into the themes and content of hundreds of today's most popular interactive entertainment products. Offers unbiased information plus an online community for information-sharing, opinion and interaction among people.

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