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Throughout the year, we offer groups and classes on various topics. The classes are co-faciliated by a team of therapists from Center for Family Development each bringing their unique skills and approaches to growth and healing. Group work is a powerful way to learn new tools, create accountability and relate to people navigating through similar life experiences.

Women's process group
The Well -  a women's expressive therapy group

Often after completing therapy and meeting treatment plan goals, my clients will say, "Wait!  I don't' want to stop coming.  I want to keep learning and growing."  Therapy groups are a powerful way to stay involved in personal growth and change.  Or you may be in the midst of powerful change with a therapist, and joining a group can complement your interpersonal work by adding a safe place for accountability and deeper connections.  This women's group will be more than just a place to vent.  It will be a sacred room, a safe place, a workshop, a classroom, an art studio, a coffee shop, a neighbor's couch, a place of acceptance and healing. 


We will use journaling, art, imagery, collage, and meditation to explore deeper and more authentic ways of understanding oneself.  The group will be a mixture of directives, activities and open-ended processing.  Topics include:  happiness, boundaries, transitions, relationships, self-expression, relaxation, and coping. 


Group will meet for 6 months starting Oct 11 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm every other Wednesday.

Closed Group, $100 / month


To sign up, please contact Ashley Kuehne, LPC-S, LCDC at 972-774-9595


After continuing my education in expressive techniques and incorporating feedback from group members, I offered a Weekend Well retreat in May 2015.  The second installment of The Well began after this intensive weekend where we embarked on a multi-leveled creative process to tell our unique story.


This group is a continuation of that process....telling your story through creative expression.  The group meets bimonthly and covers topics such as, family systems, shadow and light, connections to others, symbols and images, body work, and more. 


Closed Group, $50 / session (includes the costs of supplies)
Group will meet for 12 sessions beginning June 18, 2015 - December 3, 2015.
The Well is full and will be open to new members in 2016

972-774-9595 ~ 14114 Dallas Pkwy, Ste. 245 ~ Dallas, Texas 75254
Patty Germany, MEd, NCC, LPC, LMFT   |   Ashley Kuehne, LPC, LPC-S, LCDC, CAS   |   Dr. Cindy Seamans, PhD, LPC-S

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