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About Parenting

Whether you are the parent of a toddler or a teenager, you know parenting can be stressful and even overwhelming at times.

Parenting these days is more difficult than ever, and what worked for your parents may not be as effective now. After all, you’re trying to raise a responsible and successful child who can think for themself in a world of TV, Internet, Facebook, Myspace, Music, Video Games, Drugs, Alcohol and Peer Pressure.

And you didn’t even get an owner’s manual!

Can parenting really be fun and effective?
Yes! IF you have the right skills and tools.




That’s why we offer parent groups to learn the Love & Logic® parenting concepts. Love & Logic® techniques are backed by 20 years of experience and are being taught and used in homes and schools across the country. Our process groups are more than just a place to learn techniques, they are a place to create a support community and work through any self-defeating beliefs that keep you from being the parent you want to be.

The principles are based on providing real limits in a loving way, and emphasize respect and dignity for both parent and child.

Love & Logic® parents are:
· confident in parenting,
· consistent,
· effective, and
· more able to enjoy their family.

So their kids can:
· learn from their mistakes,
· be reliable and responsible, and
· be confident and secure.

Will it work with my toddler?


In fact, the younger your kids, the less "expensive" their mistakes will be. Learn skills that give you toddlers that go to bed teh first time, kids who learn whining and arguing doesn't work, eat meals without battles, an ability to set consequences without losing love, and much more.

My kids are it too late?
No way!

Your teens face pressures and choices unheard of in your parents’ day. Learn how to teach them to navigate challenges and make responsible choices around issues like curfew, chores, driving, a sense of entitlement, Internet usage, video game addiction and more.

Click here for current available classes on Parenting with Love and Logic.

By Patti Villalobos




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